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Additional family member on the way...

Amy is by far the most amazing organizer ever! My mom was living in Florida, and was given 3 months to live. I decided to take her home to NY. Amy helped organize my "office" and turned it back into a bedroom! She also did all the leg work and provided direct telephone numbers so that I only had to make a single call to provide an aid to stay with my mom when needed, another number to contact Hospice when that was necessary, and all plans necessary to take mom from Florida to NY by Amtrak as she was unable to fly!  She made this transition so incredibly easy and I know I couldn't have accomplished this without her.  My mom lived for three years instead of the three months the doctors gave her!


Elyse B. Brooklyn, NY

Closet clean-out...

I really didn't think I would need the help of an organizer until I met Amy!  I had spent a lot of time purging before my son was born and a little more after he arrived, so I thought I was all set and had nothing left to get rid of.  Boy was I wrong!  Amy focused on my 2 walk-in closets in my bedroom, patiently listening to my concerns and protests, all the while slowly guiding me towards deciding what to get rid of, donate or sell.  She made the process a lot less painful and made me feel like I wasn't forced to get rid of anything.  I think that type of approach is what made the day so successful and the main reason why I was able to clear out about 40% of my closet by the end of our time together!  

I knew it was money well spent when I found myself giving my Dad the same advice that Amy gave me about his closets and he actually listened!  I highly recommend hiring Amy, you will not be disappointed.


Denise K., New York City

Transformation on a budget...

Amy just finished redoing my closet. I first want to say that Amy is professional, respectful and takes time to get to know you, so you create goals together. She took a task that was overwhelming (my bedroom closet) and made it manageable, by giving me small tasks to get ready for her visit and then systematically going through the closet to help make it more functional. She was conscious of my budget and I felt she was gave me several options within my budget.

Amy, also gave me strategies to help me make decisions about clutter. Since our visit I have been able to implement these strategies in several parts of my home and the tasks have become manageable and the difference is significant. One of my favorite parts was her written in-depth analysis of the project. I have referred to this document several times as I continue to work some smaller projects we discussed.

I really enjoyed working with Amy and will definitely consider using her in the future. I highly recommend working with her.


Maria G. Brooklyn, NY

Bedroom makeover....

Huge, enthusiastic recommendation for Amy Bluestone of In Your Drawers. She spent time helping me this week and was effective, non-judgmental, and really friendly. Hire her!


Amanda R. Brooklyn, NY

New Home...

I recently moved into a condo in Jericho. One of my main reasons for wanting to move was to gain more closet space. I heard The Container Store had a very good reputation for closets, so the very first thing I did after my offer was accepted was to go to Westbury and plan out my closets.... Fast forward to when I met Amy - she is extremely knowledgeable, very pleasant and kind, and really a pro at organizing. I immediately felt better and knew my closets would be much better. Amy gave me an ideal set up in each room. She really considered my needs, my lifestyle and every which way to make my closets a completely positive and beautiful part of my home. Thanks to her I have the closets I was dreaming of and they are the first thing I show off to everyone who comes to see my new home. And I give Amy all the credit because she deserves it. So it is with utmost sincerity that I want to extend my highest compliments about Amy, she truly went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect.


Virginia J.  Jericho, NY

Office Overhaul...

Dear Amy:

Thank you so much for helping me clean out my office and start organizing on Tuesday!  I am incredibly thankful for your help and motivation and tips and for helping me to see what I would like to do with my office :)


Your open, kind, patient and non judgmental style makes it a very positive process!  I feel very good about our results so far and look forward to continuing to work with you. In the meantime, I have continued getting rid of more paper etc. and cutting down on intake of new paper and stuff!


Admittedly, it was a little hard to keep at it at some points but 3 or 4 hours seems like the right chunk of time :)!


It is a unique and special gift you have and it is so greatly appreciated!!!

Christine C., New York City

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